PAPRIKA FILMS is a Tunisian film-production company set up in 2011 by Melik KOCHBATI, with the aim to develop projects and make films with international partners.


PAPRIKA FILMS has the characteristics of a production company with a demanding editorial line. It has already gained the recognition of numerous interlocutors in Tunisia, in France and other European and African countries. The company aims at reinforcing its strategy by improving its development resources and by building up a quality catalog.


As Production Service Company, PAPRIKA FILMS ensure to give all necessary assistance and take care of productions of feature films, TV commercials, documentaries and music videos.


PAPRIKA FILMS offers a large range of production services: Organizing permits for shootings, customs clearance for equipment, location scouting, casting, crew recruitment, accommodation, setting up main and location offices, equipment supply …


PAPRIKA FILMS unites a team of professionals that have worked with some of the greatest names and on some of the largest production sets.

Our technicians have perfect knowledge of their craft and foreign languages (French, Italian, English…) and are experienced in working with foreign teams.



After finance studies and some years in the Finance and Insurance Sector, Melik Kochbati moved to film industry.

He was, during five years, Financial Director of  multiple French independant film production societies, and collaborated in several feature films like « Monaco » by Anne Fontaine, « The last  days of the world » by Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu, « 35 shots of  rum » by Claire Denis, or « The first Man » by Gianni Amelio.

Since  2011, he works for his own production companies, Paprika Films and Atlas Vision in  Tunisia and Elefanto Films in France, which produced several shorts (« Heading North » and « The Depths » by Youssef Chebbi, « Wooden Hand » by Kaouther Ben Hania, « Cold Blood » and « Black Spirit » by Chakib Taleb-Bendiab, «In Reverse » by Wissem Tlili…), documentaries (« Surgir de Soi » by Youssef Aswad), TV series and programms (« Iyed » 15x26’ and « Rubik » 15x50’ by Osama Rizg) and coproduced feature film (« Whispering sands » by Nacer Khemir).

He is currently preparing the shooting of Wissem Tlili’s feature « Clandestino » and is developing a feature films, « The Awakening» by Amine Chiboub. 

Film is a disease (...) As with heroin, the antidote to film is more film.

– Franck Capra